Explore Dartmoor’s Wildlife Havens

Devon Wildlife Trust’s nature reserves are an amazing place to visit all year round & should definitely be on be on your to-do list whilst enjoying your stay at one of our self-catered holiday cottages. Whether you are planning day trips or a short stroll, the reserves are the perfect places to explore, relax, discover & celebrate the landscapes which make Devon special.

Lady's wood

Lady’s wood sits on a gentle slope above Glaze Brook, between Ivybridge & Buckfastleigh. In spring the woodland floor is abundant with bluebells while the canopy is made up mostly by thick Oak and Ash. As you ramble along you will be engrossed by the scent of honeysuckle & surrounded by the delicate song of marsh tits, nuthatches & chiff chaffs. Be careful not to step on the flowers & if you are visiting at dusk you may need to duck as Bats are the major wildlife conservation interest of the site.

Emsworthy Mire

Emsworthy Mire has upper slopes which consist mainly of grassland which are grazed by sheep & the infamous Dartmoor ponies. At the bottom of the mire is a small stream called Becka Brook, which you will hear babbling as you explore the heart of Dartmoor’s National Park.  Running alongside the brook is a glorious stretch of Willow trees which make the perfect place to rest & take in the surroundings. Popular to the lower mire areas are Frogs, Butterflies & Barn Owls, which means your visit is sure to be a hoot!


Set alongside the River Teign, on the western edge of Dartmoor, is Dunsford nature reserve. This nature reserve offers such rich & varied wildlife & scenery you will want to visit again & again. The reserves mixture of woodland glades, bracken-covered valley slopes & exposed rocky outcrops supports the abundance of wildlife which inhabits the area. All year round you could spot Otters, Dippers & Woodpeckers.

Andrew’s Wood

Andrew’s wood has a long history & has undergone a fair amount changes over the centuries. Once an area of open & boggy moorland, Andrew's Wood is now an established woodland that is a haven for ferns, mosses & beautiful wildflowers. Thriving in the reserve is the heath lobelia, whose vibrant purple is sprinkled in the clearings during August & September. Common to the area is the ever popular Robin as well as Bank Voles & Common Lizards.