Ghostly Goings On In Devon

Everybody loves a good ghost story and, as you can imagine, South Devon has its fair share of ghouls and ghosts. Many towns and villages in the Westcountry date back hundreds, if not thousands of years. What better time to see some paranormal activity than near all hallows eve.

The Black House

The Black House was built in the 14th Century and was used by monks when the building of St Marys Church took place nearby.

The ghost of Squire Hilliard who lived in the 16th Century is said to haunt the area in search for his son. The story goes that the Squires son fell in love with a young girl from Cheriton, but apparently she was deemed unsuitable to marry by the Squire. Whilst the Squires son was out riding one day he saw the love of his life coming out of the local church, after being married, on the arm of another man. So heartbroken was the Squires son that he hung himself.

Strange things happen in the Black House - doors lock for no reason and the owner has even been of locked out of his house. Horse hooves and footsteps have been heard outside the property as if on cobblestone, despite it being covered up the lawn for at least a century

It is thought that this ghostly activity is the Squire searching for his son to gain his forgiveness.

Churston Court Inn

Churston Court is an old Saxon manor house which can be found nestling next door to St Marys Church. More than one ghost has been seen here in the medieval inn. Reputedly there is a ghost of a monk that walks through the passages slamming doors closed and re-lighting candles as he passes. Churston Court is now an Inn and a Restaurant, with its original oak panelling and beams, mullioned windows and inglenook fireplaces.

The Spanish Barn at Torre Abbey

Torre Abbey was founded in 1196 as a monastery. In 1662 after the dissolution of monasteries it was the home of the Cary family until 1930. The Tithe Barn which stands next to Torre Abbey, known as the Spanish Barn, was used to imprison 397 Spanish prisoners who were captured by the English Navy when fighting in the Armada in 1588. Their ship was towed to Torquay, and the prisoners were all held captive in overcrowded conditions. With a plague of Rats, Sickness and Disease very few of the prisoners survived. However, one of the Spaniards was given last rites on their deathbed by a local priest and it was discovered that the person was not a seaman at all but a woman in disguise, who had smuggled herself onto the ship in order to be with her husband.

Her ghost has been seen reappearing in Torre Abbey Meadows near to the waterfront, drifting slowly back towards the entrance of the Barn, looking tired looking face, still searching for her Husband she was denied to see on her Deathbed.

Berry Pomery Castle - The White Lady

At Berry Pomerory Castle is the ghost of Lady Margaret Pomeroy. Both she and her sister, Lady Eleanor, were very beautiful women but Eleanor was so jealous of her sister’s looks she had Margaret imprisoned in the dungeons of the castle, where she was starved to death.

The ghost of Lady Margaret has been seen many times in the area of the gatehouse; known as the White Lady, her spirit beckons to passersby, luring them to fall to their death down into the ruined dungeon.